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A woman said she found a ball of cat hair in her vagina and the internet is losing it
A VERY personal article.


WRITER MICHELLE BARROW wrote an article this week for as part of the ‘IT HAPPENED TO ME’ series.

And the internet is in shock. Why? Well:


It started off innocently enough:

When I got two cats, I knew their fur was going to get everywhere. Cricket and Donut are both short-haired, but they still shed like a mother and I could make another cat with the amount of fur I sweep up from them every week.

But once she started getting aches and pains in her lower abdomen, she naturally went to a gynaecologist:

Her guess was ovarian cysts and as she snapped on her rubber gloves she cheerfully said “Let’s take a look and find out!”


So she examined:

She began the exam and immediately starts muttering to herself. “What is that? I’ve never seen anything like that. What the heck IS that thing?”

Yes, by now you know exactly what it was:

With her tweezers she holds up a glob about 2 inches long that looks distinctly furry and happens to be the exact same color as Donut. I’m speechless.

Gatos David González Romero David González Romero

The article has since become something of a viral success – and the two top-voted comments underneath succinctly sum up nearly everyone’s feelings:

That. Was. HORRIFIC.
My god this was incredibly disgusting on so many levels.

But once people on Twitter got hold of, the confusion continued

It’s now an internet legend

Some people aren’t exactly believing the very personal account

It is the internet, after all – and there has been some hot debate about whether it’s a hoax

And everyone had the exact same question on the tip of their tongues

Which Barrow helpfully answered at the end of her piece:

My theory is that our sheets are to blame: I’m not very good at making the bed every day so Cricket and Donut have free reign. My fiance and I don’t use condoms so it’d be easy for him to unknowingly have some hair on his penis and during sex it’d be easy for that hair to migrate to my [tampon] strings where everything got all tangled up.


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