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Cat summons police in Swansea by dialling 999

Police in Wales were very surprised to discover the identity of a late-night caller this week…

Image: Americatidol via Flickr/Creative Commons

SWANSEA RESIDENT HOWARD Moss was rudely awoken in the early hours of the morning last Tuesday by police banging on his front door.

Answering the door, a puzzled Moss was informed the officers had come in response to a 999 call – and they were all surprised to discover who had rang emergency services.

In the hallway, Moss’s cat Ginger was discovered stretched out beside the telephone, an paw beside the receiver.

Moss told the BBC:

I didn’t know what was going on to be honest. The phone was slightly off the hook and Ginger had one of his paws on the phone keyboard. He has never dialled a phone number before but the chances of it happening must be so small.

Police had logged an emergency call, but no message had been left and they quickly went to the address to investigate.

South Wales Police confirmed: “It would appear that the call was made as a result of a family cat laying across the phone,” said a spokesman.

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