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16 of the most Cavan things that have ever happened
Cavan now so ya are.

1. The time this goat was the football team’s best mascot

2. When this shop made a bold mayonnaise claim

cavan @Patrick_Thorn @Patrick_Thorn

3. The time this was headline news

potatoes2 Imgur Imgur

Cavan’s very own Mission Impossible.

4. When ITV’s World Cup footage had a special background guest

jCIFV79 Imgur Imgur

5. When this shop in Ballyjamesduff made a Breakfast Roll Cake

Shane McAuliffe Shane McAuliffe

6. The time these two donkeys had a row in the middle of the road

donk Youtube Youtube

7. When this guy was spotted in the crowd at the Superbowl


8. The time this was seen as an acceptable form of farming transport


9. When this WIFI was available on the bus

10. The time this was listed on DoneDeal

11. And this jeep was used for multiple purposes

cavcancar Twitter Twitter


12. Cavan is a place where even the stop signs take a tone

13. And the hand made variety are full of local advice

ramp Facebook Facebook

14. Like this one outside Kingscourt

15. That time trailerswere not required

iradio23 iradio Facebook iradio Facebook

16. And finally... when this sign greeted you when you entered the county


So ya are.

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