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12 deeply satisfying comebacks from celebrities to their trolls

Think before you tweet, people.

CELEBRITIES HAVE TO put up with a lot of criticism, especially on social media. But sometimes, they have the perfect response.

1. Derren Brown’s gentle let-down to a homophobic comment


2. Dara Ó Briain, when told he ‘wasn’t an immigrant’

acommentt Source: Thejournal

3. Ariana Grande to the girl who went viral for eating her feminine products


4. Frankie Muniz putting this critic in his place

muniz Source: Celebitchy

5. Rihanna, who is not taking your crap, like ever




7. Oh go on, here’s another

⚓️reply on @rihlove_xx pic, 20hrs ago. Thanks @fenty_fever @rastafarihanna ⚓️ #oop Source: rihplies

8. Zach Braff, who can judge those who judge him

0Hsh5 Source: Imgur

9. Anderson Cooper, king of sass


10. Nickelback, who do have some merits

11. The grammar police, Kelly Clarkson

tumblr_mjy3coCSgE1r1srzlo1_500 Source: BlogSpot

12. James Blunt

The undisputed king of one-liners, James Blunt just don’t give a damn.

Here’s some cream, spread it liberally.

first-aid-144-packs Source: Waterjel

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