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15 deadly tattoos inspired by Ireland

Inspiration within.

IF YOU FEEL like getting a patriotic tattoo this St Patrick’s Day, look no further for inspiration.

1. These ogham creations

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Anam cara #celtictattoo

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2. This subtle symbol

3. This vivid celtic dog

4. A discreet celtic knot

5. This modern harp

6. The triple spiral

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The story of my first tattoo... I'd wanted one for a while, but it's quite...frowned upon...in the culture where I grew up. Well, one day I decided that I was going to go to Europe by myself. I had probably just read" "Eat, Pray, Love" or something! Anyway, I've always been drawn to Ireland. Maybe it's the red hair, but it was more than just hey, that's a cool place to go. I could feel it calling me, and yes, I know how cliche that sounds! Well, it just so happened that a good friend of mine was living outside of London at the time, so it was perfect...a few days in Ireland, then hop over to London! I knew I was going to get a tattoo while I was there, in memory of my first big solo adventure, but I didn't know what. I knew I wanted something Celtic, but it had to feel right. I didn't just want any old tattoo. I also knew I wanted it to be something goddess/woman related. I looked around the internet forever, and found a picture of a design like this one. I knew it was my tattoo! The triple spiral stands for the three stages of womanhood...maiden, mother, crone (although I prefer to say wise woman). On the original picture, the center was closed in, but I had them design it with the middle open, as a reminder to myself to be open to anything that may come my way. So that's the story, morning glory! I have a few more ideas in mind, but again, it has to feel right. I'll know when the time, design and location is right. #tattoo #Celtictattoo #maidenmothercrone #intuition #Ireland #gowithyourgut #dowhatfeelsright

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7. This massive, but impressive, Book of Kells creation

8. This cute Claddagh

9. And this one

10. This colourful clover

11. This Celtic Knot of love

12. This excellent Celtic linework

13. This Ogham display

14. This tricoloured trinity knot

15. And finally… this modern shamrock

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