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15 cereal toys that will make all Irish 90s kids weep with nostalgia

There used to be KILLINGS.

BRING BACK TOYS in cereal boxes, we cry.

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll have owned at least one of…

1. These Teddy in my Pockets from boxes of Ricicles

PastedImage-44007 Source: ebay France

2. Remember when you used to get CDs on the front of cereal?


2001-Coco-Pops-Mini-CD-Rom-Game--1- Source: Cerealoffers.com

3. These bike reflectors were the ultimate 90s accessory in your estate

You were the coolest kid in the neighbourhood if you could fill your spokes with them.

PastedImage-89858 Source: Facebook

4. Kelloggs Cereal bowls

You had to send off for them and they caused ENDLESS fights over who got to use them–but with good reason.

PastedImage-6076 Source: Pinterest

5. Pencil toppers

There were all sorts, but we especially loved these Rugrats ones.

PastedImage-17080 Source: Cerealoffers.com

6. Football cards in Corn Flakes

Remember these during the 1994 World Cup? GIZ THEM ALL.

PastedImage-11248 Source: USA 1994 Kellogs cards

7. 3D glasses in Nesquik

… so you could simply look at the fancy box. Logical.

PastedImage-51018 Source: CerealOffers.com

8. Simpsons magents

EVERY Irish household must have had a collection of these.

9. Wheetos Puppy In My Pocket

One for the sistas.

PastedImage-31256 Source: cerealoffers.com

10. These Space Jam trophies

Space Jam! Those were the days.

PastedImage-24819 Source: cerealoffers.com

11. These Star Wars statuettes

You can probably still find the DOZENS of Anakins around your house.

$T2eC16d,!w0E9szN,Fq3BQeoUkqiFg~~60_1 Source: Ebay

12. Anatasia Holograms

So pretty, you deserve it.

PastedImage-30092 Source: cerealoffers.com

13. These glow in the dark Casper stickers in Cornflakes

Find them: Everywhere.

PastedImage-20801 Source: clairelcarlin

14. Kelloggs monster bookmarks in boxes of Coco Pops

If you didn’t have one of these down the bottom of your junk drawer, are you even Irish?

PastedImage-88537 Source: Cerealoffers.com

15. And finally, these Lion King spoons

You could barely get a sup of milk on them, but dammit we needed them.

PastedImage-69698 Source: The90sLife


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