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11 defining characteristics of an Irish stag do


IT’S HIS LAST night of freedom before he willingly latches on that ‘ball and chain’. Oh, come off it. So we’ve had a look at what the ladies get up to, now it’s the ladsladslads turn.

Here’s what’s gonna go DOWN.

1. It won’t be like The Hangover

Despite mentally prepping yourself to wake up beside a tiger, you’re more likely to wake up to a nice hot breakfast with a bit of a dry mouth.


2. There will be a no-camera rule

Because of all the gas scandalous things you’ll be getting up to of course. What happens on a stag… etc. Herein lies the vital difference between hens and stags, hens will update their Facebook every two minutes while a stag will pass like it never happened. It never happened, OK?

No Cameras (48) Source: Doug Waldron

3. Participants will intentionally set out to injure and humiliate the groom to be

Forget willy-straws, duct-tape is the only must-have accessory here.

aungier-375x500 Source: Charlotte Flood

Ah sure there’s the lads. Gas altogether.

aung2-375x500 Source: Mark O'Toole

4. It’ll be in Killarney, Westport or some English city with a prolific football team

They do say that Killarney is the Vegas of the South West. Well, we’re sure someone has said that at some point.

Semaphore signals at Killarney Station. November 1991 Source: sludgegulper

5. There will be no costumes or theme

An exception may be one MAD YOKE who shows up in a mankini. Oh Doyler you legend.

29777 Source: Thejokeshop

6. There will be novelty t-shirts

They’ll get you refused from every club you attempt to get into and the nicknames never live up to the men.

SDC10906 Source: .Martin.

Bonus points for some grim TV reference.

274-only-drunks-stag-t-shirts-zoom Source: Screensprinting

Why. Why. Why.

minivan-stag-t-shirts Source: Teetshirts

7. There’ll always be a random brother-in-law there that knows no one

He’ll be the drunkest of course, and spend the wedding avoiding eye-contact.

One minute he’s all:


Then you’re leaving him behind when he falls asleep before midnight. Poor lad.

_DSC0617 Source: Mills Baker

8. There will be a blow-up doll of some kind

Usually a sheep. We don’t want to know why.

inflatable_sheep Source: Thecostumeshop.ie

9. There will be sort of sport or activity

Go-karting, paintball, anything where a bit of rough play can be brought in to it.

Jamie Gulick's Bachelor Party Source: Philip Larson

Ah yes, the ledge still won’t take his mankini off.

Stag party - superhero, Borat, Borat Source: Paintballgames

10. The ‘last night of freedom’ will constantly be referenced

It’s as if the groom is about to be thrown into jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Micko who hasn’t had a girlfriend in ten years spends the night slagging the groom now that his life is essentially over.

- Imgflip Source: Shutterstock

Micko is essentially Milhouse’s dad.

11520121110182 Source: Iwastesomuchtime

11. There won’t be a stripper

Scarlet, sure the bride’s da is there, cop on to yourselves.

IMG_3149 Source: krishewitt

500full Source: Listal

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