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Here's what the brothers from Charlie Bit My Finger look like now

You are SO OLD.

IT WAS ONE of the first big viral sensations… and it was as simple as “Owwwwww, Charlie bit me”.

More than 816 million people have watched the clip of little Charlie biting his brother’s finger since it was uploaded in 2007.

Remind yourself.

HDCYT / YouTube

Charlie is now nine years old, and his brother Harry is eleven. BBC’s Newsround recently caught up with them to see what it’s like growing up as a viral superstar.

THIS is what they look like now.


They say they aren’t embarrassed by the video at all, but Charlie says it’s ‘a bit odd’ that so many people watched it. The video was only uploaded to YouTube by the boys’ dad as it was too large to send to his brother via email.

The family have since made thousands of pounds in advertising on the video, so hey, things could be worse.

CBBC / YouTube

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