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The Charlie Charlie Challenge is the top worldwide trend on Twitter, but what is it?

Allow us to explain.

charlie4 Source: Vine

THIS MORNING, SOMETHING called The Charlie Charlie Challenge is one of the top trends in Ireland.


In fact, it’s the number one trend worldwide.


But what the blazes is it?

Well, that’s the question that seems to be plaguing everybody.


Allow us to explain.

So, what is it?

pencil Source: YouTube

Essentially, it’s an old Mexican game that involves calling on a spiritual being named Charlie. It is allegedly also known as “the pencil game”.

Traditionally, the game involves two participants holding three pencils each. Each person holds three pencils to make three sides of a square and the six pencils are joined up.

The two participants then say, “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” If the pencil tilts upwards or inwards, then the story goes that the mythical being is prepared to talk to you. If not, then he’s not up for chats right now.

From then, you can ask yes or no questions.

Okay, so is that is what is happening now?

charlie4 Source: Vine

Kind of.

The rules seem to have been changed slightly with participants instead placing two pencils in a cross shape on a sheet of paper covered in four square — two marked ‘yes’ and two marked ‘no’.

Otherwise, it’s completely the same.

And why has it suddenly become so popular?

Well, it appears to have originated on Vine and exploded from there.

Here are a few examples.

Source: Charlie Charlie Challenge/Vine

Source: Nathalie Källman/Vine

It has also spawned a lot of parodies.

And do people actually believe it?

Well, some people are skeptical and speculating that people are just blowing on the pencils to make them move.

No way, we don’t believe it.

But other people are totally losing their chill over it.

Our advice?

Stay away if you’re scared of pencils.

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