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A woman dumped her husband in the most spectacular way this morning

But is all as it seems..?

BREAKING UP ISN’T easy. Sometimes, you’re lucky and its amicable. Other times, hell hath no fury like a woman cheated on.

Just picture Paul driving his car down the M1 in England on his usual morning commute, when he pauses to note this billboard.

Lisa, Paul’s soon-to-be ex wife, decided to tell him she was leaving him in the very very public display.

CPkawalW8AAUM85 Source: hallamfm

The Independent have estimated that the 15ft x 10ft ad could have cost her hundreds of pounds, and billboard company Anco Digital confirmed the sigh was displayed for three hours between 6am and 9am on Wednesday morning on the busy Sheffield Parkway.

That’s hundreds of pounds Paul won’t get his hands on in the divorce, anyway.

But is all as it seems?

The billboard was picked up all over the net, and even shown this afternoon on Loose Women. But many suspect it could all be a big publicity stunt for Hallam FM, the radio station who picked up the story originally.

Lisa phoned into the Big John show on Hallam FM breakfast (but they confirmed she was never actually on air), a show that habitually deals with relationship problems.

Agency ancoDigital confirmed to various outlets that it is definitely not a fake, but note on Twitter that it ‘came through Hallam FM’.


The plot thickens.


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