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Cheer up! Here's some cut-price Bulgarian brandy...

Government wants to cut price of traditional drink to put a smile on Bulgarian faces: should the incoming government here pull a similar stunt?

IN AN EFFORT to cheer up its citizens, Bulgaria’s government has cut the price of its favourite brandy.

The country has been hit by a recession – sound familiar? – and spirits are low.

So the Balkan country’s cabinet said on Wednesday that it will apply to register grape rakia as a traditional product in the European Union, which would allow it to cut excise duties for the product, reports Reuters.

If they are successful in their bid, the price of a bottle of rakia, which is usually 8 levs ($5.61), will drop by 2-3 levs, Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naidenov said.

Here at TheJournal.ie, we’re wondering what our new Government – whoever they might be – could hit with a price ceiling in order to put a smile on Irish people’s faces?

Here are some of our suggestions:

Cheer up! Here's some cut-price Bulgarian brandy...
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  • Red Lemonade

    Red lemonade - peculiar to the Irish palate. Pic: FotoosVanRobin/FlickrSource: FotoosVanRobin via Flickr
  • Six Nations tickets

    Nothing keeps our spirits higher than watching our rugby team trounce our neighbours. Pic: PA Images/David JonesSource: PA Images via David Jones/PA Archive
  • Cinema trips

    We're one of the top nations for cinema-going in Europe - so how about some cheaper tickets? Pic: Steve Snodgrass/FlickrSource: Steve Snodgrass via Flickr
  • Takeaway coffee

    We might be on a budget but we're still clinging onto our Celtic Tiger coffee habit. Pic: 3EyePanda/FlickrSource: 3EyePanda via Flickr
  • Sun factor

    We've just gotten used to slathering it on - it would be nice not to revert to the Irish tan-burn just because we can't afford sun cream. PA Archive/Yui Mok.Source: Yui Mok/PA Archive via PA Archive
  • Tea

    Slurp! Sorry, we were just supping on some tea. An essential part of the Irish diet. Pic: Patrick George/FlickrSource: Patrick George via Flickr
  • Crisps

    Is happiness a giant bowl of crisps? We think so. Make ours Tayto. Pic: James/kissmygrandmother/FlickrSource: James/kissmygrandmother via Flickr
  • Guinness

    Yes, yes, it's a cliché but come on - Guinness is good for us. Pic: Stéphane Moussie/FlickrSource: Stéphane Moussie via Flickr

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