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11 things that will cheer you up this Moody Monday*

Aka the most depressing day of the holidays*.

CHRISTMAS IS OVER, and New Year’s Eve isn’t until Thursday.

e7382ab07411cc7be45d9a0e7e8b8450 Source: Grumpy Cat

GRIM. You may be back to work today, or shivering at the thought of returning tomorrow.

According to a poll commissioned by Kwik Fit, today is the most grim today of the holidays. Dubbed Moody Monday, 2.59pm today is the peak time to be involved in some kind of argument with the family. GREAT.

In order to cheer you up, have a go at this:

This dancing bird

V8LEZbk Source: Imgur

These kittens’ names

JeMe9tJSource: Imgur

This cat having a worse time than you

b9T47yP Source: Imgur

These elephants meeting again <3

e5H6lol Source: Imgur

Just LOOK at this sloth. How can you still be in a mood?

n1F0GgP Source: Imgur

SMILE, it’s gonna be ok

sjpa0Gg Source: Imgur

If this tiger thinks he can be a lion, you can be a functioning human today

wtl6rCs Source: Imgur

It’s all gonna be grand

1putx9m Source: Imgur


yb8w6cL Source: Imgur

If you can’t trust us, trust this corgi who believed they could be a basketball player and they WERE

Cuddle in close, it’ll be Thursday in no time

nKjttSb Source: Imgur

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