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11 cheese toastie recipes that will literally make you drool

Unless, you know, there’s something wrong with you.

ALL HAIL THE cheese toastie, king of all foods.

1. With onion jam, on sourdough

Source: jeffreyw

2. “Inside out” cheese toastie

Source: jeffreyw

Cheese inside AND outside the bread. Recipe here.

3. Tomato soup cheesetoastie

Source: Maggie Hoffman

Tomato soup INSIDE the toastie. Yes, you read that right. Recipe here.

4. Cheddar and apple cheese toastie

Source: shivery

Recipe here.

5. Epic five-cheese toastie

Source: pirateyjoe

Recipe here. Possibly worth the heart attack.

6. Brie and Nutella toastie

Source: Maggie Hoffman

Recipe here.

7. Toasted smoked mozzarella with maple-glazed bacon

Source: shivery

Recipe here.

8. Portobello Mushroom Melt toastie

Source: Aaron_M

9. Rosemary apple butter cheesetoastie

Source: Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

Recipe here. You’ll need to make your own apple butter, so this one isn’t for the faint-hearted toastie fan, but OMG.

10. Cheddar, goats cheese and pesto toastie

Source: kelly bone

No recipe, but you know, it’s all in the name.

11. And of course, the glorious standard ham-and-cheese

Source: WordRidden

No recipe needed.

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