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People are talking a lot about the 'chelfie' - but is it actually a thing?

The changing room selfie now has its own buzzword.

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THE CHANGING ROOM selfie, now apparently known as the ‘chelfie’, is getting plenty of news coverage over the last couple of days.

According to a study by a retail website, people now decide whether to purchase clothes based on how many likes they get for it online when they are actually in the changing room.

The Sunday Times covered the chelfie yesterday, and it was the first people had heard of it:

According to the Daily Mail’s report on the study, it’s all done for precious social media likes, and this will determine whether you go on to buy it:

Women need an average of three ‘likes’ from friends before they buy items, while men tend to wait for at least four, a survey of 2,000 young people found. Two in five confessed they discard an outfit if it gets fewer than ten likes.

The lads just need that extra validation, it would seem.

But people aren’t buying that it’s a legitimate thing just yet

Of course, changing room selfies are definitely a thing

But the term chelfie hasn’t exactly caught on with the trend yet

Perhaps it’s slightly premature to say that it’s a thing now

So, would you decide to buy an outfit based on the number of likes it gets when you put it online? 

Poll Results:

What? No. I wouldn't be waiting that long in the shop for the feedback (640)
I just hate the word chelfie, but I do love a good changing room selfie (70)
Yes, I've done this (36)

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