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Are you a child of the 1990s? Here are 26 ways to tell

Best. Decade. Ever.

DID YOU SPEND your formative years in the last decade but one?

Find out with our comprehensive guide. You’re a child of the ’90s if…

1. You know what these are:

Wikimedia Commons

2. You’d know what to do with one of these:

3. And the important meaning of these:


4. Owning a housebrick-sized one of these made you cool:


5. You owned a Hypercolor t-shirt:

Wikimedia Commons

6. You used one of these to call home (and for emergencies):

7. This was an essential tool for rewinding tapes:

8. Sometimes you needed one if the DJ talked over the intro to your song.

Dog photo from Shutterstock

9. Speaking of recordings, you also recorded the MTV awards, and then actually watched them. More than once.

BEBETO MATTHEWS/AP/Press Association Images

10. You had a cool friend who went to something like this:

Flickr/desomurchu archive gallery

11. You owned jeans with one of these:

X-Worx? Eclipse? Your choice.

12. And maybe some tear-off pants:

Yahoo Groups

These were a terrible idea, actually. Bonus if you got chased around the playground by people threatening to tear them off.

13. You had a favourite out of these guys:

Nick Tansley/EMPICS Entertainment

And would fight to the death for him.

14. This was kind of shocking

YouTube/Bicht Hunter

But exciting, obviously.

15. This was appropriate headgear if you were a girl:

16. This was appropriate headgear if you were a boy:

Nick Tansley/EMPICS Entertainment

17. You owned a video with 'DO NOT TAPE OVER' written on it

Flickr/Orin Zebest

Possibly containing episodes of My So-Called Life.

18. And you remember the feeling when you rented a video, and the previous customer hadn't rewound it:

Photo via Shutterstock

19. You owned runners that either pumped up:


20. Or lit up:


21. These were the best way to spend small break:


22. Unless you had one of these:


23. And these kind of blew your mind:

Flickr/The Akermarks

24. This was the most frustrating thing in the entire world:

Flickr/Dan Farrimond

25. Except for this sound:


26. And this seemed like a really, really big deal:

Flickr/Rob Boudon

Congratulations! You're a child of the 1990s.

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