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QIN GANG/LANDOV The Chinese population is the happiest on Earth, according to North Korean surveys, with a 100 per cent happiness rating.

China tops list of world's happiest countries (as compiled by North Korea)

China scores a perfect 100 in the Global Happiness Index, followed by North Korea in second – with the USA in bottom place.

CHINA HAS BEEN named as the happiest place on Earth according to a comprehensive new index – compiled by the North Korean state news agency.

The Global Happiness Index, compiled by the official Chosun Central Television channel and picked up by the International Business Times, ranked 203 countries around the world based on various unknown criteria.

China scored a perfect 100 on the index, ahead of North Korea itself on 98. Cuba came third on 93, while Iran and Venezuela completed the top 5 with 88 and 85 on the rankings respectively.

Although the station did not give listings for every country, it did mention that South Korea ranked a lowly 152nd on the list, scoring a measly 18 out of 100.

The country with the unhappiest citizens was the “American Empire”, which mustered just 3 points out of 100 based on the survey’s criteria.

Requests from to the station seeking a full version of the list, so that Ireland’s standings could be discovered, had not been answered at the time of publication.