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Here's what your choice of wine says about you

This will make you want wine.

IF YOU’RE THE type of person who goes for ‘anything cheap that looks pink’, this won’t be able to help you.

But if you’ve got a favourite type of wine, step right up. Wine expert Samantha Anderson told Cosmopolitan just how your wine preferences are linked to your inner being.

We added a few alternative views to fill in the gaps. All scientifically solid stuff, we promise…


Hard workers, big partiers and love to socialise with like-minded mates. She claims this is because Chardonnay is so ‘accessible’. Shade?

Going further, Refinery 29 says you are a victim to your comfort zone and don’t even think it’s a bad thing.

Chardonnay Source: Prayitno/Thank you for (7 millions +) views

We say: You like to sound sophisticated but have no idea what you’re doing. Hey, wine is wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

You’re a workaholic, and do things in extremes. Calm down, have another sip.

Refinery 29 says you enjoy complexity and don’t care for ‘loudness’.

Sauvignon Blanc Source: Martin Krolikowski

We say: It was on offer in Tesco, again, OK!

Pinot Noir

You’re over-compensating for something. The wine is so intense you’re either sure of what you want or faking it. So essentially, a hipster wine.

Lucia Pinot Noir at Nepenthe in Big Sur, CA...a must stop! Source: Roy Montgomery

We say: You got confused and meant to order Pinot Grigio.

Pinot Grigio

People love you or hate you, just like this wine, apparently. You’re also insecure, so feast on that.

Ubiquitous Capture Source: Mooganic

We say: You just wanted the chance to call it Pinot Greej.

Cabernet Sauvingnon

Smooth, intelligent, and kinda pretentious. You’re basically chic and worldly and probably sip your wine while browsing an art gallery. GET YOU.

Tasting Regusci's 2004 Napa Cab Source: joebeone

We say This is the one they give out free at events, so you’re a social butterfly and can sniff out free wine where it’s going. You’re the best.


You’re posh and like to party.

Enjoying champagne Source: DIVA007

We say: NOTIONS.


We all know what this means.

Prosecco Source: travelmemo.com

We say: Every office’s go-to celebration, you love to wish people well that you’ve barely ever spoken to well. You’re a decent soul.


A sweet wine, with drinkers just as sweet. They’re trendy and like to keep going when it comes to popping a new bottle.

Hogue Riesling Vertical Source: jamesonf

We say: Your massive sweet tooth and love of wine makes you the perfect friend to spend a Saturday night in with.


Cosmo doesn’t give a verdict on this one, but Wine Folly claims you’re a big kid who likes wine that tastes like chocolate. You got us.

Argentinean Malbec 053009 Source: vmiramontes

We say: See Riesling, but make it red.


Don’t trust them, is her only advice. Oh darn, pink wine is our favourite.

Wine Folly says:

You’ve figured out the socially acceptable way to day-drink.

Rosé d'été Source: Arthur40A

We say: You are the soundest person in all the land with a good economical outlook on life, don’t let no one put you down. Rosé?

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