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Chris O'Dowd and Dawn O'Porter announced their new baby with an excellent tweet... The Dredge

All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt…

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Chris O’Dowd and Dawn O’Porter have welcomed their new baby boy into the world. He’s called Art O’Porter (yes, it sounds like an Irish bar in a holiday resort) and he was in fact born a week ago.

The youngster was announced with this tweet:

And this rather more touching one:

Ryan Gosling is rubbish at replying to his emails. Yes, the perfect superman does have a flaw, and it’s that he can be a little tardy tidying up his inbox. That’s according to Saoirse Ronan – currently starring in Gosling’s first movie as a director, Lost River – who told the Irish Independent:

He never emails anyone back. He’s so bad at emailing back, but he did email me the other day. I felt really lucky to receive his words.

(Irish Independent)


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are officially having the world’s most perfect child. Earth’s most physically symmetrical couple confirmed they will soon be hearing the patter of perfect feet, with this Instagram photo:

justintimberlake justintimberlake

And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Roz Purcell made herself ill by eating broccoli for breakfast. (Evening Herald)
  • Sad Kanye went to the Superbowl, was sad. (Buzzfeed
  • Will Ferrell had an epic lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon. (Just Jared)
  • And Mariah Carey had an epic lip sync disaster in Jamaica. (


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