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28 lovely photos of Christmas in Dublin over the last 20 years

It’s simply magical.

AH, THOSE WERE the days. Dublin hasn’t changed THAT much over the last 20 years.

1. The days of selling turkeys in Dublin back in 1984

PastedImage-27167 Source: Eamonn Farrell, Rollingnews.ie

Excellent graffiti work.

2. It wasn’t at all unlike Black Friday in the sales

ach Source: Eamonn Farrell, Rollingnews.ie

3. But others preferred to shop out of a boot

aleo Source: Eamonn Farrell, Rollingnews.ie

4. These lads busking in 97 are what Christmas is all about

aroll1 Source: Eamon Farrel, Rollingnews.ie

5. This guy ‘shopping’ in Arnotts still sums up Dubliners to this day

aclio Source: Leon Farrell, Rollingnews.ie

6. And this one

ashops1 Source: Leon Farrell, Rollingnews.ie

7. Jervis’ decorations were very different twenty years ago

ajervis Source: Leon Farrell, Photocall Ireland!

8. As was the Panto

apnt Source: EAMONN FARRELL, Rollingnews.ie

9. The window of the Porterhouse in 1998 could easily fit in today

Except instead of stags, it’d be no twelve pubs.

PastedImage-29860 Source: Leon Farrell

10. The airport welcomes haven’t changed

PastedImage-61380 Source: Leon Farrell

11. Bertie singing carols in 1998 pretty much sums up the year


12. Is that not reminding you of the Celtic tiger? In 1999, models launched a 1995 Blanc de Noir Champagne exclusive to Brown Thomas for the millennium

PastedImage-17896 Source: Graham Hughes

Wudja be able.

13. Kids still hated waiting in Brown Thomas for their mams in 1999

PastedImage-86966 Source: Graham Hughes

14. Arnotts sales were the greatest

Check out the old Penneys bag! Giz those Fruit of the Loom jumpers!

PastedImage-78242 Source: Graham Hughes

15. The Brown Thomas Santa has only improved

PastedImage-90784 Source: Graham Hughes

16. Grafton Street in 1998 was just as festive

PastedImage-18704 Source: Eamonn Farrell

17. Remember little Jack Gleeson as Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol in the Gate Theatre in 2001?

PastedImage-633 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

18. Roches was the highlight of Henry Street

PastedImage-41089 Source: LEON FARRELL, Rollingnews.ie

19. Oh how far we’ve come since 2001

PastedImage-38018 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

20. The Clearys Santa in 2002 is giving us all sorts of nostalgic emotions

PastedImage-28243 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

21. People were still mad for Penneys in 2002

PastedImage-44700 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

22. Dublin airport’s cigarette-like Christmas decorations of 2002 won’t be forgotten quickly

PastedImage-32387 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

23. We won’t know what to do without the Cleary’s sales this year

PastedImage-43714 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

24. The forty foot swim is still going strong

PastedImage-93435 Source: LEON FARRELL, Rollingnews.ie

25. Remember when Joe Duffy hit the streets to sing a song with Brendan O Carroll in 2002?

PastedImage-18559 Source: Gareth Chaney, Rollingnews.ie

26. Never forget the Roches Stores Christmas windows

PastedImage-53628 Source: RollingNews.ie

27. Sure town was only buzzing come 2005

PastedImage-47384 Source: LEON FARRELL, Rollingnews.ie


28. Ah, Christmas in Dublin just can’t be beaten

PastedImage-70187 Source: Chris Maddaloni, Rollingnews.ie

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