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10 times kids made their parents adorable Christmas presents

Little gifters.

CHRISTMAS IS USUALLY a time of manic present-induced excitement for children everywhere.

But when they turn the tables and give their parents gifts, things can get seriously cute:

1. Like these snowmen having the time of their lives

diy-snowman-1024 Source: Pressan

2. And this marshmallow ornament kind of resembling one too

christmastree2 Source: toolboxblog

3. A mini artist’s impression of a Christmas tree

christmastree Source: Imgur

Probably on the GOOD apron too.

4. When this girl found a fossil in the back garden and turned it into a Christmas gift

iozC7sy Source: Imgur


5. This Christmas card is both gas and adorable

gift Source: Imgur

6. The year Ethan went rogue

grinchie Source: Pinterest

7. This Christmas book with some help from their parent

grentsbookcover_drobson Source: Cbc

“WHY I GRANDPARENTS” just didn’t cut it.

8. The Christmas tree/hand print motif wins every time

christmastree3 Source: blogspot

9. When the person on the plate looks like he has wings

friend-gift-gift-for-wedding-childrens-gift-gift-ideas-christmas-gift-striking-christmas-gifts-for-parents-from-toddlers-christmas-gifts-for-parents-in-lawchristmas-gifts-for-parents-in-their-60 Source: Allfungames

*must put more handprints here*

10. And finally… when this four-year-old presented her parents with this “melted snowman”

playschool Source: Imgur

Heartmelting, more like.

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