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The internet is obsessed with Christopher Walken's bizarre performance as Captain Hook

All hail Walken.

LAST NIGHT, NBC aired a live performance of Peter Pan. It starred Alison Williams in the titular role and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

tumblr_ng38cx6OR41rz6w0do1_500 Source: doafhat/Tumblr

By all accounts, Walken’s performance was pretty bizarre. Or at least more bizarre than one would have expected.

Here is his evil laugh.

Source: Jwags/Vine

Here he is saying “How do you do?” in truly Walken fashion.

Source: Marquis De Sadek/Vine

Here he is addressing his haters.

Source: Mike Dunn/Vine

It was truly the gift that kept on giving.

Source: Ryan Swaggart/Vine

Here he is just gleefully beating a tambourine.

Source: Mike Dunn/Vine

And this is him singing. No, really.


Everyone was agreed on one thing, though: Christopher Walken is a slick dancer.


Meanwhile, we pray that this in the works.

Make it happen, internet.

tumblr_ng36foIc3l1sxqyhyo1_400 Source: Mashable/Tumblr

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