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This woman sparked up a cigarette on a plane and then went on the most surreal rant

Flying just isn’t worth the hassle.

SOME THINGS CAN grate slightly when you’re taking a long flight, but sitting beside this passenger might just be the worst travel experience imaginable.

Two videos, posted to Reddit, show an American woman on a plane from Nicaragua to Miami a couple of days ago – and things get very weird.

First, she whips out a cigarette and proceeds to light it up on the flight

Source: Chris L/YouTube

How was that ever going to be OK?

Then, once that had been stopped, she starts into her rant – saying that the United States has declared war on Venezuela. And it only gets more surreal from there

Source: Chris L/YouTube

The person taking the video’s response of “you’re a national security threat” might have been the best part of this whole, mad situation.

Still, next time anyone complains about a slight delay on take-off point them in the direction of these videos. Things could be so much worse.

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