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Your favourite cinema snacks, ranked by rudeness

Let this be your guide.

GOING TO THE cinema is a pleasant experience… unless… some clown decides to eat the worst food ever.

8. Popcorn

Popcorn is probably the least offensive cinema snack. Everyone kinda respects you because you obviously think nothing of splashing out €6 for some popped seeds, and as it comes in a big tub, you will make minimum noise eating it. It’s also ripe for sharing. Go you.

CYHTuWjUkAADOKU Source: Twi cineworld

7. Ice cream

This is probably the snack with the most minimal noise, but it’s still not the most ideal. Let’s face it, it’s gonna melt everywhere and you’ll probably have it eaten before the ads are over. We also can’t take a bit unless we use your manky spoon.

CUrvemrWcAAmBCJ Source: TheStreetCircus

6. Pic N Mix

Well done, a deadly choice. However, it loses points for being so damn noisy. It’s like they made those bags with the special intention of making them crumble and ruffle as much as possible. Also, €3.50 for a few penny sweets? Get in the bin.

CCAuI7-WgAACNuu Source: AndrewRyan_

5. A packet of sweets

RUDE. These bags are even worse, especially when you pass it to the person next to you and they sink their hand into it like they’re trying to drown out the surround sound. Pour them directly into your mouth and be done with it.

CPazzZWWwAABg54 Source: AaronSmillie

4. Hot dogs

As we move into a savoury top four, hot dogs come out as the least offensive. But they’re still not ideal. All that sloppy eating, running sauces, and various salty smells… no.

CDs9TqqWgAAtur2 Source: upintheear

3. Crisps

We all know why crisps aren’t a good idea in the cinema. The packets are way too loud and they are twice as noisy to actually chew. The smell can also permeate the theatre, CAN U NOT.

BWuJhBTCUAEALSu Source: katiecarbin93

2. Outside hot food

If you’re going to get a burrito or a McDonalds eat it outside. Bringing it into our safe place is just RUDE and not the time nor the place.

CLAMUoYWUAADPbS Source: mxltifandoms

1. Nachos

The ultimate rude cinema food. It’s got it all. It crunches, it smells bad, it’s not enclosed in packaging so the smell can’t even be disguised.

BeNBS9mIQAAOhh2 Source: ashleighlinford

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