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Cocaine delivered to Aldi in believed 'logistical error' by drug smugglers

The drugs were valued at six million euro.

Image: AP

ALDI WORKERS IN Berlin found themselves unpacking boxes of bananas and cocaine on Monday as a result of what is believed to have been a ‘logistical error’ by drug smugglers.

Reuters reports that the staff found the drugs ‘shortly before the fruit went on sale’.

The bananas had come from Colombia as part of a consignment of 1,134 boxes of which seven were found to discover cocaine.

The BBC reports that drugs were found by workers in six different Aldi branches, five in Berlin and one in Brandenburg, and that the 140 kilograms is valued at six million euro.

A police spokesman told Der Tagesspiegel,

The cocaine obviously wasn’t meant for the supermarkets.  Anyone waiting to take that delivery will have quite a problem on their hands.

According to the International Business Times, customs officers believe smugglers failed to collect their special cargo from a storage facility at the port in Berlin, resulting in the them getting sent off to the supermarkets.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, in 2009 cocaine was discovered among some bananas in a branch of Lidl after mistakenly being delivered there.

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