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9 facts which will make you regret not thinking about cockatoos before

They love Daft Punk. And Beyoncé. And revenge.

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IN A WORLD filled with cat and dog videos, it’s hard for a bird to get a look in.  Let’s be honest, most of them just sit around, occasionally spreading their wings or making a funny noise.

Not so with the cockatoo.  Oh no, the cockatoo has chutzpah and personality beyond many human beings, let alone cats and dogs.

Don’t believe us?  Here are 9 reasons cockatoos deserve your thoughts and praise.

They are the ultimate ‘ugly ducklings’

This is a baby Moluccan cockatoo


This is a full grown Moluccan cockatoo


They love Daft Punk


They’re not afraid to take out anyone who’s getting in the way of their relationship

This cockatoo, Boo, belongs to the woman you see briefly in the video.  It is being filmed by her son, who is convinced that Boo is trying to kill him.

Boo has already eaten part of the cameraman’s brother’s ear.  This is not an unfounded fear.


They love to use bad language

YouTube/Furman Campbell

They get really mad if you ask them what time dinner will be ready

YouTube/david noles

They love to flirt with the camera


The can really stand their ground in an argument


They have really strong friendships


They love to sing along with Beyoncé just like everyone else


We’re off to research what buying a cockatoo entails.

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