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A group of students built an adorable shrine to a cockroach left in their hall

Rest in peace, Rosie Roach.

THE STORY OF little Rosie Roach has taken the internet by storm this week.

A US college professor saw that there had been a dead cockroach in the hallway for at least two weeks – and then he saw that some student had made a little shrine for it:

roach1 Source: Facebook

The shrine then started to get more elaborate, as more students wanted to pay tribute to Rosie

roach2 Source: Facebook

Michael Alvard is a professor in Texas A&M University, and his lovely post to Facebook that has been going on all of December was picked up by an Imgur user this week and it’s since shot Rosie to internet fame.

Later that same day, somebody had included a little “never forget” poster

roach3 Source: Facebook

And some rocks, too.

More flowers and notes were added that evening

neverforget Source: Facebook

By the next day, Rosie had become a campus hero

roach4 Source: Imgur

“Somebody built a funeral pyre.”

A few days later, the shrine had become quite impressive

roach5 Source: Facebook

“Rosie’s popularity grew, and she was allowed to lay in state for a while longer than originally anticipated.”

state Source: Facebook

“Here lies Rosie, a free roach.”

And by December 16th the wall was papered with poetry and tributes

roach6 Source: Facebook

Rosie was cremated the next day, and a whole college had got behind her by paying a ridiculously long and joyful tribute.

The internet had a new little hero for the month of December.

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