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What's CodeBabes and why is the internet so angry about it?

Stop the web, we’re going backwards.

ONE OF THE biggest complaints in the tech industry is the lack of women involved, so it’s understandable that the internet was pretty up-in-arms about a new coding service called Coderbabes.com.

So what is it?

CodeBabes is essentially a coding resource where your instructor is a sexy teacher type who strips down as you progress. We play it fast and loose with the word ‘progress’ here.

Their slogan is ”We’re hot, but learning to code is even hotter!” and classes are a series of YouTube tutorials, which promises due ‘motivation’.

Watch the lesson, absorb the info, pass the quiz, and your instructor removes one piece of clothing. How much clothing, you ask? Enough to motivate you. But let’s not get carried away here, we’re an education site.

For example…

Source: CodeBabes/YouTube

SURELY this cannot be for real

One would hope, but people are getting predictably upset over it anyway.

There cannot be enough distain from the tech media




Guys are learning a lot, however

Is it REALLY such a bad idea?

There is much speculation that it’s all just a rouse to either troll the tech community or highlight its downfalls

Either that, or it’s some sort of highly-effective marketing campaign. A lot of effort has been put into producing the website and content so it’s not just some kid at home.

But this is the internet. Either way, retaliation was inevitable

Codedicks.com was set up by by some coding ‘bros’ to show the world what it would be like if the genders were reversed.


Their philosophy?

We thought coding lessons were getting a little one-sided at CodeBabes. Thus CodeDicks.com was born. Some people will like us, some people will love us, but no matter what, you’re going to learn to write some damn code… and chug a few Jack and Cokes!!

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