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coffee kisses

This lip-shaped coffee cup lid is next level creepy


EVER WISH SOMEONE would feed you your morning coffee from their own mouth? Well now that can happen!

A Korean designer has created a coffee lid that features models of the human nose and mouth, so you can get a kiss with your coffee.

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The lid was created by designer Jang Woo-Seok after he noticed that coffee cups “lacked flair of any kind”. Did you realise your coffee cup was lacking flair? You Philistine!

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“While coffee can be obtained every day, you aren’t always guaranteed a kiss,” he told Mashable. “This lid aims to solve that problem.”

Woo-Seok appears to want the cup-lips to be as close as possible to the experience of kissing a real human being:

There was only a mouth on the lid to start with… I realised that touching noses is an essential point in order [for it] to feel realistic. So I added the nose and facial muscles to the lid.

But why – it’s not – ah, never mind.

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At the moment this is just a design (thank god) and there are no current plans to roll out lip-lids in your local coffee shop.

We weren’t going to say it, but it looks too much like a certain male sex toy for our liking. Just an observation…

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