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Coffin for sale... and it's only been used once

Buyer must collect.
Aug 14th 2012, 10:34 AM 4,121 3

COFFINS: THEY’RE VERY wasteful, really, when you think about it. All that workmanship, just ditched underground for ever and ever.

Not so with this six-foot beauty, currently listed on for the bargain price of €300. And only used once.

It comes with a comfy velvet interior and removeable lid, plus crucifix detail. Which probably rules it out as a campbed for vampire houseguests, but never mind.

OK, OK, it wasn’t used to hold a dead person. Just as a prop on a film, according to the listing. And it’s being sold on as the vendor doesn’t “have space to store it”.

Oh, and you’ll have to collect it from Galway. But just check out the bevelling and lustrous finish:

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