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Almost half of adverts posted by social media influencers not labelled as such, research finds
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission today published its report on social media influencers.
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# Your Say
Poll: Should junk food advertising on TV before 9pm be banned?
It has been reported that the UK plans to introduce restrictions on how unhealthy food is sold.
# Your Say
Poll: Do ads on social media impact how you vote?
Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have spent over €100,000 between them on adverts on Facebook and Instagram since the start of the general election campaign.
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Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin have spent over €50k on Facebook adverts so far this campaign
The three main parties are way ahead in terms of spending on Facebook and Instagram since the campaign got under way.
# Your Say
Poll: Is legislation banning alcohol advertising near schools and creches a good idea?
From Wednesday, there will be a ban on alcohol advertising within 200 metres of a school.
# online ads
Advertising watchdog should be 'beefed up' so it can monitor online political ads
The minister said the ASAI should have statutory powers extended to it so it can take over monitoring the standards of political ads.
# Abortion vote
Social media ad regulations should be drawn up for future referendums, Commission says
The Referendum Commission says new regulations should be drawn up by government.
# what do you think
Poll: Do you think gambling ads should be banned from sports?
There’s a sharper focus on sports adverts and the detrimental effect they could have on young people.
# foreign ads
Watchdog fears foreign ads could influence Irish referendums and elections
The Standards in Public Office said it is concerned about political interference from organisations outside of Ireland.
# Obesity
Children who watch extra junk food adverts consume more calories
The catchier the ad, the more effective.
# Broadband
Complaint partially upheld about 'Despicable Me' Sky ad
The ASAI also upheld a complaint against Lidl in relation to a competition it ran.
# communications unit
Varadkar says describing civil servants as being akin to Nazis is 'wholly inappropriate'
The Taoiseach says he is not “thin-skinned” but believes criticism of Ireland 2040 adverts is unfair.
# communication unit
'A clear election pitch': Fianna Fáil continues to hammer government over Ireland 2040 marketing
The row over the marketing push dominated Leaders’ Questions today.
# the irish adverts project
Old Irish ads from the past 50 years are free to view online from today
The Irish Film Institute have been working to restore almost 8,000 rolls of film that had been damaged by mould.
# black lives matter
Pepsi pulls 'tone deaf' Kendall Jenner protest ad after sustained backlash
The advert was released on the 49th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination.
# the big sell
A Coppers Gold Card was being sold online last night for a whopping €500
But it was swiftly withdrawn.
# give up yer aul sins
Someone in Galway is actually selling this church confession box
# For the birds
6 vintage sexist ads that show how marketers saw Irish women
Will your man like you better in acrylic?
# Joint Venture, and will now be owned by the same company
This comes as a result of a joint venture between Distilled Media Group and Schibsted Media Group.
# unwanted present
Someone ripped out their water meter and is offering it up online
Surprisingly, no one is interested in taking it off their hands.
# back to the hyundai
There's a Back to the Future style hovercar for sale in Leitrim
Finally, says you.
# totally legit
There's a rather unusual Frozen doll for sale in Meath...
Let it goooo.
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Why is Zuckerberg so happy? Mobile ads have helped Facebook profits surge
Facebook said that it made $802 million in profit for shareholders on revenue of $3.2 billion.
# Buy Irish
9 items that could only be bought and sold in Ireland
Take our money!
# Antiques
Waterballoon advert perfectly disses the water charges
# For Sale
This guy is selling his college degree for €1
It’s described as a “meaningless piece of paper”.
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6 burning issues at the heart of inter-Munster rivalries
It’s different down south.
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You know you're from Munster when...
There are some things you just can’t hide. Being from Munster is one of them.
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7 of the best hidden gems to discover in Munster
We’re going off the beaten track.
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This Dubliner is selling her stuff in the oddest classified ads on the internet
We’re buying all of it.
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6 indispensable lifehacks for your garden this summer
Green fingers or not, we’ve got the tips to help.
# Old Spice
Is this red Volkswagen the car your car could be like? The seller thinks so
Look at your car. Now back at this car.
Open thread: What's your cleverest money saving tip?
We want to know.
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6 simple things that make everyone happy
No matter who you are, these things are sure to give you a big grin.
# Face off
These 'inspiring' make-up ads are going viral - by revealing women's real skin
Two women with skin conditions talk about their experiences.
# plenty of phil
This MEP is appealing for votes on Grindr
She’s not interested in advertising on electricity poles.
# Holy Matrimoney
Need a wife? This bride to be from Cork is yours for €50
Don’t tell the bride.
# flappy days
Ireland is going mad for some unique Flappy Bird merchandise
When will the madness end?
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Any good deals on Adverts at the moment?
Ah yeah.
# Advertising
Coca-Cola Ireland in hot water on Twitter for removing gay marriage scene from Irish advert
The company said that the ad has been tailored for each market and was informed by consumer research in those markets.