Here's why people rave about this 'invisible' dry shampoo

No Cruella de Vil streaks!

DRY SHAMPOO IS a gift from the gods – we haven’t been caught on the hop with greasy hair since it became a regular fixture in our lives.

But along with its de-greasing and volumising properties, you have to deal with white powder lingering on your head and a sort of… chalky feeling to your hair.

Colab Dry Shampoo has been a big hit in the UK for quite some time now but hasn’t been easily available in Ireland until recently, when it arrived in Boots and Penneys.

People absolutely swear by it:

And now that we’ve tried it, we can see why.

You really can’t see it in your hair

Source: YouTube

It feels powdery like a regular dry shampoo, so you know it’s soaking up oil at the roots, but there’s no white cast or Cruella de Vil-style grey streaks. Not sure how they’ve done that, but we’re guessing magic.

It adds a nice bit of volume

Lots of people love dry shampoo for the boost it gives second-day hair, and this delivers – you won’t end up with a bouffant, but a nice, natural lift.

It smells *fab*

Source: Boots

There are eight different scents, from fruity to fresh to a more traditional powdery scent. We grabbed Unicorn (because who doesn’t want to smell like a unicorn?) and it is lightly sweet and totally lovely.

And it looks cute too

Those cans! Adorable.

At €4.50, Colab is a bit pricier than Batiste, but dare we say it’s worth it for not having to worry about leaving the house with a white head again.

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