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Everyone was obsessed with Colin Farrell's tie on tonight's True Detective

It stole the show.

bolocover Source: Youtube

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED second season of True Detective returned to Sky Atlantic tonight – and fans were delighted to see it back.

Our very own Colin Farrell is starring in the HBO drama – and it was his bolo tie that turned everyone’s head.

Look at him there

The bolo tie is, of course, that US-style cord with metal tips and a decorative clasp in the middle. Basically, the most American thing ever.

Like, the tie was all people could talk about

Coupled with the moustache, it was a winning combination

He did wear other things in the episode, of course

wn_colin_farrell_true_detective_jc_150211_mn_4x3_1600 Source: Abcnews

But nobody cared, it was all about the tie

And what it says about his character

true-detective Source: HBO

It could be a trend setter

Did he even know what a bolo tie was before True Detective?

He owns the bolo tie now.

truedetective15_09_wide-81c6340855b88a226f23345b4513bb89b9e159b3-s1100-c15 Source: NPR

Still, it doesn’t matter because episode one just wouldn’t have been the same without it

And the hypotheticals it brings up


His performance in the episode is also winning high praise

But we know what the real star of the show was

farrellbolo Source: HBO

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