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# diagnosis: student
18 things that seemed reasonable when you were in college
Student life, eh?

1. Treating these as a hearty, hot meal


2. Calling reading things “work”


3. Never doing any washing up

Until you absolutely have to, because you’ve run out of jam jars to drink tea from.

Flickr/miss pupik

4. Sharing a single bed with someone else


5. Changing the bag in the bin, but not taking the full bags out of the house

Until you can’t actually get past them to the kitchen.


6. Not turning up for a 9am lecture

Because you also had a lecture at 6pm, so it didn’t fit with your “schedule”.


7. Getting an overdraft at the ATM


8. “Pre-drinking”

Flickr/D464-Darren Hall

9. Breakfast pizza


10. Using your electric shower head to fill the sink with hot water


11. Engaging in ‘amorous activities’ in a shared bedroom

Flickr/megan leetz

12. Living in an apartment with only a microwave


13. Seeing nothing wrong with eating toast two meals a day

14. Counting out literally your last pennies to spend in the pub

And just hoping things would work out.

Flickr/Ben Sutherland

15. Studying EXACTLY which clubs were free in on any night

And until when.


16. ‘Traffic Light’ discos

And attending them wearing a green badge.


17. Picking up discarded photocopying cards

And testing them to see if they had any copies left


18. Watching Diagnosis Murder


Oh, hang on. We still do that.

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