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6 comic book shops in Dublin every nerd needs to know about

Time to get ready for Comic Con…


Comic Movie Guy has created this guide to comic book shops in Dublin just for you…

1. The Big Bang: Dundrum Shopping Centre

The youngest shop on the list but don’t hold that against it. Big Bang is an award winning shop that is basically nerd-vana.

The staff all care deeply about the customer experience and have done everything to ensure that the shop caters for both casual and die-hard fans alike.

Big Bang is perhaps the nicest interior to any comic book shop we have ever visited, as the displays to the left of the entrance are like a comic book art gallery, with statutes and framed pictures set up beautifully.

It has a massive amount of trade backs on sale, and it’s very rare that something you are looking for isn’t in stock. The staff are also incredibly knowledgeable and will be more than happy to recommend titles to you. They also run their own annual event, D.I.C.E., which is full of great comic book writers and artists from across the world. It’s the only shop not in the city centre, but The Big Bang is worth the trip.

2. Dublin City Comics and Collectibles: Bolton Street

Are you interested in collectibles? Know someone that’s building a toy collection or looking for rare promotional items or figures from their youth? Dublin City Comics is a hidden gem for nerds within Dublin.

The shop is filled up quite literally to the ceiling with a huge range of toys from the 60s onwards. Everything is covered, from Star Wars to Transformers, Marvel to DC, there is something for collectible hunters of any budget.

And budget is the most important thing here, as the staff don’t take advantage of their stocks’ worth. While others might sell a hard-to-find toy at in inflated price, DCC&C are often better priced than the stuff you’ll find on Ebay and without the shipping fees.

They, of course, stock comics, but while it’s not at the same level as others here due to space, the staff are all hunters themselves, and will be happy to hunt down a comic you have been searching for.

3. Eason: O’Connell Street

This might come as a surprise, but Eason on O’Connell Street has its own slice of the comic book market that is worth checking out as a last resort or if you are looking to pick up a gift.

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Located at the back on the ground floor, this area is filled up with comic books and merch from the world of popular comic book characters, Star Wars and  Game of Thrones.

The prices here for comics are not as competitive as dedicated comic book stores, but if you’re looking to pick up a particular title and have tried everywhere else, it’s worth giving Eason a look.

4. Forbidden Planet: Crampton Quay

Forbidden Planet is easily the biggest and most well known shop on the list. It’s two-and-a-half floors of comics and collectibles and part of a massive chain, with stores in the UK and New York.

The ground floor is full of manga comics and related merch, as well as a huge range of Doctor Who and Star Wars memorabilia.

The middle floor is a mixture between nerd and pop culture toys (including an entire wall dedicated to Pop Vinyls) and collectibles.

The final top floor is nothing but comics, with a fine mix of trade back and weekly issues. The number of comics is not at the level of Sub City or Big Bang, but it is still large enough to increase the chances of having what you are looking for. They also feature sales on certain trade backs from time to time, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page.

5. Hidden Treasure Comics: St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

The name of this shop couldn’t be more accurate, given its out-of-the-way location on the very top floor of St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre.

Hidden Treasure Comics isn’t heavy on trade backs or collectibles, but instead stocks hundreds upon hundreds of comics.

Not only this, but the staff take their stocks’ worth very seriously and often grade their stock, meaning that there’s stuff there from the 50s onwards that’s kept in mint condition. This is a shop for serious collectors, and might be a little intimating to people new to the comic book world, but if you are building a collection this has to be your number one stop.

6. Sub City: 62 Dame Street

The most impressive thing about Sub City is the huge wall of trade backs that greet you as soon as you walk in. The store might not be filled with the same level of merchandise as other stores on the list, but that’s because its focus is on comics and it doesn’t disappoint with this mission.

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The staff are always happy to order in trade backs if what you’re looking for isn’t in stock, and are also willing to ship items to you anywhere in the country.

But another treat in the store is the rare weekly comics they have for sale and on display within the shop. There are some great classics on the walls, and if you are a serious collector the prices here are more than right. They are opening up a second store near Henry Street this summer also, giving us more selection and greater choice in the city.

Republished with the permission of Sean Reid of ComicMovieGuy.com

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