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The 18 commandments of being in a Whatsapp group
It’s complicated.

WE’RE ALL IN WHATSAPP groups, so we all know how tricky they can be. Take these commandments and obey them.

1. Thou shalt not use the group to chat to one person

2. Thou shalt not add people to a massive, active group without asking first

PastedImage-60513 mo2o20n mo2o20n

3. Thou shall definitely fecking not add a randomer to a SMALL, close-knit group

4. Thou SHALL participate actively if you ask to be added

5. Thou shalt not lurk like a big lurker

6. Thou shalt not leave unexplained


7. Thou shat not invite someone back that just left

8. Thou SHALL post relevant photos, especially if the group is the thirsty-about-a-celeb kind

9. Thou shalt NOT post weird or disgusting photos

10. Thou shalt resist the urge to switch to voice messages when you’re on the beer

11. Thou shalt not stop and start typing at regular intervals


12. Thou shall spit it f*cking out

13. Thou shalt not leave anyone behind with a blue tick

14. Thou shall respond to someone’s crap joke that has fallen on deaf ears

15. Thou shall not post loads of media

PastedImage-33913 SamraSiddiqui12 SamraSiddiqui12

16. Thou shalt not change the name a thousand times

17. Thou shall not use the stories function, what even is that?

18. Thou shall just agree with the plan


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