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How Many Of These Common English Mistakes Do You Make?

Are you guilty of these? Take the quiz…

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THIS QUIZ CONTAINS 14 common English mistakes. (One is repeated.)

How many can you avoid?

1. Cold, isn't it?
Yes, its Baltic.
Yes, it's Baltic.
2. This Dublin Bus is...
3. Which is correct?

4. Find the sentence without mistakes.
They're feeding there leftovers to the dog.
Their feeding they're leftovers to the dog.

They're feeding their leftovers to the dog.
Their feeding there leftovers to the dog.
5. How would you describe this common phenomenon?
The cat is in it's box.
The cat is in its box.
6. Here's a commonly misused word. Saint Hippolytus was torn apart by horses in the third century AD. It's fair to say he met...
A grisly end.
A grizzly end.
7. How would you tell someone they're an eejit?
You're an eejit
Your an eejit
8. Taylor Swift sang "Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate". But what's the correct way of hating?
"I refuse to listen to Taylor Swift on principal."
"On principle, I refuse to listen to Taylor Swift."
9. Why are you less hungover than your friend?
I drank fewer pints.
I drank less pints.
10. Which of these is not good English?
My resolution to get fit hasn't affected my lifestyle.
My resolution to get fit hasn't been too effective.

My resolution to get fit didn't have much affect.
I'm not seeing the effects of that get-fit resolution.
11. "NASA's first probe will reach Pluto this year - it's a _______ event." Fill in the blank.
12. Here are three showbiz headlines. Which is the most incorrect?
Pool Sardegna/LaPresse/Empics Entertainment
Classy Clancy! Abbey flaunts impressive bikini bod on beach break
David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment
Smile! Lily Allen flouts her curves in skin-tight jumpsuit

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Not so smart! Joey Essex flouts the rules with this two-tone suit
13. This shop sells...
14. Find the correct use of apostrophes.
Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Its been a bad day for the Leinster lads, that's for sure.
The crowd in O'Neill's haven't seen a game like this since the 1980's.

At least George Hook's analysis will be on point. We'll always have that.
But it doesn't bode well for Irelands World Cup hopes.
15. After this quiz...
I might need to go and lie down for a bit.
I might need to go and lay down for a bit.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You didn't make a single mistake. Impressive stuff. This gives you bragging rights AND the right to settle all future pub arguments.
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You scored out of !
Almost perfect!
Okay, so your hand slipped on a couple of the trickier ones, but this is still an impressive score. Consider yourself in the top 5% of internet users.
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You scored out of !
You made a few mistakes - but only a few.
You're mostly grand - but there's always the risk of someone calling you out just as you're delivering an epic smackdown in the comments.
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You scored out of !
You were caught out by a good few of these.
You can make yourself understood - but there's a risk of being shown up if you try any smackdowns in the comments. We urge caution.
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You scored out of !
Me fail English? That's unpossible!
You could really do with brushing up on a few essentials. This may be the reason your Facebook posts don't get many likes.
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