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13 commuters who just want to watch the world burn

It’s hard enough without these monsters ruining it for everyone.

WHEN YOU WAKE up in the morning all set for your daily commute, you know you’ll meet some characters. And that’s fine.

But some of them will be the worst. Like:

1. This maniac

Anything fish-related should be confined to the privacy of your own home.

2. This sickening individual

3. This modern-day tyrant

4. Anybody who does this

His shoes are clearly visible beside him. He obviously slid them off when he sat down. What is wrong with these people?

5. This absolute nightmare

6. The backpack monsters

7. This person who decided to move house on the train

instainsert2 Source: Instagram/Tonyrcp

Might be a necessity, but the world will burn because of it.

8. Anyone who does this

9. The audacious envelope pushers

10. These contemptible scourges

11. The spreaders

12. The “pranksters”

peed Source: imgur

13. And finally… the despots that think it’s OK to “get stuff done”

monster Source: imgur

You all just want to watch the world burn.

And you’ve succeeded.

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