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The 11 horrific stages of commuting in this heat

The weather is close and so are the other passengers.

WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sun. When it pays one of its rare visits to Ireland it makes the whole country look a little better and everyone just seems to have the craic.

But, for the daily commute, it can have hellish consequences:

1. The buses and trains will inevitably be packed out of it

packedbus Twitter Twitter

You could have done with this many people on the bus during the cold winter – for body heat alone. Now it’s baking hot weather, all the buses and trains are packed out of it.

2. And when you step on you’ll be hit with an odour that resembles the depths of hell

tumblr_m5sdskYYi61r4td3po1_500 Elitedaily Elitedaily


3. You will get stuck beside/beneath someone really sweaty

transport Twitter Twitter

*please sit somewhere else. please sit somewhere else. please sit somewhere else*

And then they sit down right on top of you. Delightful.

4. Or, which is just as likely, *you* will be the sweaty passenger

paul-rudd-nervous-and-sweating Wordpress Wordpress

It’s inevitable. If you’re driving though, it’s your own personal problem. Take it to public transport and you could be that person. It’s so hot though and you ran to catch the LUAS. Nightmare.

5. For those that walk, even a short stroll is like

giphy Giphy Giphy

You walk it every day, but it’s different now. All has changed.

6. So, when you arrive in you look something like this

giphy Giphy Giphy

“The, eh, showers at the gym were broken.”

7. The space between your back and your backpack will feel questionably moist

sweatt Flickr Flickr

Don’t wear a backpack is the lesson here. If you simply must – one shoulder will free up some much needed breathing room for your poor back.

8. You’ll want to open every window on the bus

window Twitter Twitter

But you don’t have control over *all* the windows. It’s a nightmare.

9. When a seat becomes free you’ll immediately grab it

But will be met with an uncomfortably warm seating area because somebody has just got up.

awkward-gif Thejournal Thejournal

*rages against the sun god*

10. It will be 6pm and you will have had over 100 regrets about your outfit


“It was kind of cloudy this morning. I didn’t know it was going to be so close. Why am I wearing leather?”

11. To complete your day when you get home a cold shower is a necessary cleansing ritual

wake8 Fooyoh Fooyoh

You just want to forget that the commute ever happened. But it’s all waiting for you tomorrow. Things will get better though.

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