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14 things people who grew up with the internet will never understand

Oh, to be young.

THE INTERNET CHANGED everything. And people who grew up after its arrival will never know what it was like before.

In particular, they will never understand these things:

1. The gravity of this decision

Source: Imgur

2. “Disk 7 complete. Insert Disk 8 and click OK”

Source: Imgur

3. Instead of YouTube videos, having this

Source: Imgur

4. Or if you were lucky, this

Source: Imgur

5. And it was a big deal when your copy of Windows had this

Source: Imgur

6. Every computer taking a full two minutes to boot up

With accompanying orchestra of sounds

Source: DounutCereal/YouTube via Cnet

7. This being the source of all human knowledge

Source: Imgur

8. Installing music from your CD collection, and playing it on something like this

Source: Imgur

9. Choosing the right screensaver to reflect your personality

Source: Imgur

“Do you think Flying Toasters looks too wacky?”

10. This being how people killed time at work, instead of going on Facebook

Source: Futurecdn

11. This being the height of strategy gaming

Er, World of Warcraft what?

Source: 1800pocketpc

12. And this guy the equivalent of spam

Source: Imgur

13. This living hell

Source: Imgur

14. And the importance of this message.

Source: Guidebookgallery

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