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This tweet proving men can never be too big for condoms has gone ridiculously viral

And it’s sparking quite the outrage amongst some people, too.

AN 18 YEAR-OLD US woman tweeted some advice about condoms to her 559 followers on Twitter this week – and it has exploded into quite the debate online.

The woman’s name is Emily and her tweet was sent out on Monday. Her argument was that men can never be too big for condoms – and she provided some obvious photographic proof.

It has since been retweeted over 12,000 times:

Her basic point with the images was: condoms are flexible, and there are large sizes out there to fit all men

condoms2 Source: Twitter

Since the tweet went so viral, she has had her detractors

Some claimed the images meant nothing to the argument

She’s been defending her simple point in her replies for the last two days, as the attention only ratchets up

Finally culminating this afternoon with this note to everyone who disagrees

hat-tip: Buzzfeed

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