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Dublin teen loses 3.5 stone after cyber-bullying incident, and now his story is going viral

Listen to Conor’s inspirational story.

CONOR DOYLE DECIDED to change his life when he spotted a photo taken of him at the Wright Venue went viral, with strangers commenting cruelly on his weight.

He decided he needed a change, and entered the W82Go programme and shed 3.5 stone.

Source: Newstalk 106-108 fm/YouTube

Conor spoke to Newstalk about his story, and the video reached the front page of Reddit today with over a quarter of a million views.

He said he was taken aback at the amount of nice comments left when he uploaded his new look to Facebook, and Redditors have been just as kind with their supportive comments.

Jedijamie - What an eloquent and emotionally mature person this young lad is. Good on him for losing the weight he needed to and shame on the Internet tough guys who share and take the piss out of these things. As an Irish guy let me tell you that we are amazing at talking to people about anything apart from when anything is actually wrong.
ErechBelmont - Good for him. He had a prime opportunity to turn into a social justice warrior but instead worked towards making himself healthier.cascadiaman - Good for that kid for picking himself up and accomplishing a goal. He will definitely have more confidence in himself. The people that ridiculed him… f**k em

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