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10 tweets that prove Conor McGregor is just like every Irish bloke

UFC stars. They’re just like us.

1. He’ll shout about his fondness for Guinness from the rooftops

cos Source: Conor McGregor/Twitter

2. At one point, he was as obsessed with Love/Hate as you were and may have developed a crush on Trish…

3. He can’t resist an ol’ “Dublin, you ride!” tweet when the sun is shining.

4. He tweets ~passionately~ about Irish soccer and isn’t afraid to lay into refs

Ref is a rat

5. There’s nothing he loves more than tweeting about a good bet or accumulator.

6. When he’s not doing that, he’s inviting the #lads around for #scoops

Celebs. They’re just like us.

scoop Source: Conor McGregor/Twitter

7. You bet your bottom dollar he’ll shout for his county on All Ireland day

8. No visit to the gym can go undocumented…

9. And he’s not afraid to post photos of his gross-looking food

Anything for the paleo diet.

10. But most of all? He loves his Mam.

Behind every great man…

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