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This month
March 2023
Family Meals: Ciara Attwell shares three recipes from her new book
The My Fussy Eater author has some simple recipes that might help boost the fun at family mealtime.
Last year
Christmas Fare: Pastry chef Shane Smith has some delicious recipes for you
Try Shane’s “Do Ahead Desserts” that are guaranteed to make your life and Christmas Day all the sweeter.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you batch cook your meals?
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar posted an Instagram Story yesterday of his meals for the week.
All time
Easter Fare: Shane Rigney shares a recipe for roast lamb, the time-honoured favourite
Chef Shane Rigney looks at the history of an Easter favourite, the roast lamb and shares a tasty recipe.
Patrick's Day Fare: Pastry chef Caitlin Lopes shares choux bun and lemon meringue recipes
Caitlin Lopes, pastry chef at the Grand Central Hotel in Belfast shares some delicious sweet treat recipes.
# gobble gobble
How to cook a decent, stress-free turkey - without the food poisoning
Let’s try to take some of the stress out of it.
From the Garden: The debate about sustainable foods is getting louder... I've even found myself shouting at the TV recently
This week’s gardening column features tips for growing your own herbs and a recipe for root veg pie.
From the Garden: How to make the perfect sauerkraut at home
Although the name is German, the probiotic food has its origins in China.
From the Garden: Homegrown tomatoes are perfect for these 'Anytime Eggs'
Turnips are very easy to grow and because they produce a crop so quickly, they are an ideal candidate for late summer sowing.
From the Garden: A strategic approach is required to water your tomatoes
Because they are a deep-rooting plant, it’s not effective to spray water at the soil, you need to get down to the roots, writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: The Hungry Gap must be filled and this kale and gnocchi broth will do the job
Katie Sanderson cooked this recipe in the Kale episode of this season’s GROW COOK EAT and the reaction was amazing, writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: A little frost damage on the spuds - but not to worry they will recover
Learn to make ‘a one-pot veggie wonder that’s crammed with healthy vegetables, herbs and pulses and as an added bonus uses up stale bread too,’ writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: Learn to make nettle tea - it has a rich and earthy taste and is a super tonic
Obviously, if you are harvesting nettles from the wild, wear gloves or you will get stung, writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: Learn how to grow peas in an old gutter pipe and to make a delicious gnocchi
Michelin star chef, Derry Clarke, with us at Grow HQ recently and he shares our homegrown, seasonal ethos, writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: It's time to reflect on all the food we are importing that could be grown here
It’s no longer just about ‘exotic’ fruit and veg that are difficult to grow in Ireland, we are now importing lots of veg that grow perfectly well here, writes Michael Kelly.
# food for thought
‘It’s a bit like Ready Steady Cook’: How FoodCloud and charities are fighting food poverty in the west of Ireland
As charities see demand increase this Christmas, the team behind FoodCloud is making things a little easier.
From the Garden: Every cloud has a silver lining and bogland proved useful this summer
Bogland is usually not the best place to grow things, but it came in handy this summer for growing squash during the drought, writes Michael Kelly.
From the Garden: Artichokes have an unfortunate nickname but don't let that turn you off
Fermenting artichokes will reduce their – ahem – windiness and this recipe is delicious, writes Michael Kelly.
# Can We Get a Chinese
10 things you can relate to if you're trying (and failing) to learn how to cook
Why does it always end up on fire somehow?
# lidl food magazine
Salad, side or sweet: What's your go-to dish to bring to a summer BBQ?
Share your secrets for the next edition of’s Lidl Food Magazine.
# Careful Now
Public warned to take extra care with food after 96 cases of E.coli infection in ten days
The number of cases is over three times as high as this time last year.
# off the clock
Off-duty dinners: 7 top Irish chefs share the meals they cook when nobody's watching
At the end of a long night in the kitchen… what’s for dinner?
# darina allen
'We were in danger of losing the roof over our heads - there's a lot to be said for desperation'
Celebrity chef Darina Allen talks about starting the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School.
Good food shouldn't go to waste - here's how to use up leftovers and make something out of nothing
This Monday miso noodle soup recipe will set you up nicely for the week, writes Melissa Hemsley.
# cheeeeeese
Politicians are (slowly) taking to Instagram - and showing different sides
A cooking show next for the Education Minister perhaps as he showcases his skills?
# Cook to impress
Want to learn some simple recipes to impress at Christmas?
Lynda Booth from Dublin Cookery School – and author of Fearless Food – takes us through some easy-to-prepare Christmas treats.
# can't cook won't cook
11 essential facts of life for people who really, truly, HATE cooking
Can’t we do something else?
# home ec
10 memories everyone who did Home Ec in school will recognise
It’s a subject that we all look back on fondly until we remember those coursework journals.
# Sponsored By Birds Eye
7 surprising benefits of eating fish you may not know about
Nothing fishy about these benefits. (Sorry.)
# Bon Appetit
Irishwoman 'teaching France to cook' after becoming one of the country's bestselling food writers
“People felt liberated because I was taking the fuss out of cooking.”
# can't cook won't cook
This sketch will resonate deeply with anyone who is absolutely shite at cooking
*puts on kettle* *forgets* *puts on kettle again*
# sponsored by lidl
5 sweet treats you can make now and store for Christmas
If you have the willpower to wait that long.
# Hot off the Press
New York Times to start delivering recipe ingredients to readers
Consumers will be able to chose and order meal kits from a selection of recipes.
# Mother's Cooking
Your mam could be a big factor in how much you weigh
Mothers perceive the weights of their children differently.
# saturday kitchen
Saturday Kitchen viewers have completely fallen in love with our Donal Skehan
The chef was guest host on the latest episode of the BBC cooking show, and people were HERE FOR IT.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch tiny doughnuts being made in a tiny kitchen
It’s mesmerising…
# food inspiration
This is what Europe's top chefs keep in their fridge
Pickled herring, hand-churned butter and foie gras – just some of things some of the world’s top chefs like to cook with.
# sponsored by Heinz Amoy
7 reasons Irish people need to start celebrating Chinese New Year
It’s the Year of the Monkey. Cheeky.
Chard is highly nutritious and should be a popular addition to your healthy January diet
As part of Michael Kelly’s 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating your own Food series – this week, we talk chard.
# Apps
7 apps that can teach you something useful during your commute
Learn on the go.