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10 memories everyone who did Home Ec in school will recognise

It’s a subject that we all look back on fondly until we remember those coursework journals.

1. You never really got the hang of sewing. At all.

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Tweet by @megg Source: megg/Twitter

2. Feeling like you were on MasterChef when the practicals rolled around

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Whipping up stuff like that for the examiner under extreme pressure, while meanwhile being too lazy to make anything other than a crisp sandwich at home.

3. Days where you had a double class in cooking and sewing might as well have been half days

German Secondary School - Foreign pupils Source: DPA/PA Images

It made dragging yourself to school just a little bit easier.

4. You still have a battered copy of this floating around your house


5. You probably chose it as a subject thinking that it would just be a doss and you could bake all day

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6. But in reality

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It had the most varied curriculum of any subject on the leaving cert. There was barely any cooking. We were scammed. 80% of the time was spent learning what the Childcare Act of 1991 was and the definition high and low density lipoproteins.

Chances are you have retained approximately 5% of this knowledge. You once knew the biological functions of every vitamin but today, all you know is that the sun puts you in a good mood somehow because of Vitamin D.

7. It caused you to really question your life

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Why do I know every single thing about how a refrigerator works? Why have I spent four weeks stressing out over a coursework journal about the working principle of an electronic hand mixer? What is a chocolate chip cookie? It’s very brown.

8. You picked up so many handy little tricks that will stay with you for the rest of your life

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I know the easiest way to peel a tomato. I haven’t had a chance to use this trick since I learned it nine years ago, but when the day comes I will be ready to step up to the plate.

9. Your teacher always had to make you cook something weird

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It always seemed like you were stuck making stroganoff or chutney every week while the other classes in the year got to do cupcakes and pizza.

10.  The sight of this still makes you sick

home ec jj Source: Roisín/Twitter

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