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10 words that just sound better in a Cork accent

Well, boi.

THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of Cork is home to one of our nation’s finest and best loved accents.

Now, with a strong Cork lilt nearly every word sounds great – but these take things to the next level:

1. Mint

Britain Soccer Premier League Source: AP/Press Association Images

As in “that’s mint.” And the best way you can say that something is cool or great.

2. Hanging

Athletics - IAAF World Athletics Championships - Osaka 2007 - Nagai Stadium Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Usually prefaced by “I am absoloootly…” it’s never said better than in the Rebel County.

3. Langer

Germany Berlin Film Festival Aloft Portraits Source: AP/Press Association Images

Serving two purposes of course. A person can be a langer and you can go out and get langers. Both are completely reasonable and sound best from a Corkonian.

4. Beour

The Graham Norton Show - London Source: Ian West

A way to say someone is fairly good looking – Cork people have perfected the pronunciation of beour down the years.

5. Massive

Tony Watch-Sarah Greene Source: AP/Press Association Images

Meaning lovely/great – and a better way of saying it too.

6. Bazzar

Brendan-OConnor-on-set Source: Rte

Getting the hair cut. You’ll hear it better nowhere else.

7. Rake

mhigginshires-752x501 Source: Thejournal

“An absolute raaake of” anything is a unit of measurement.

8. Dollop

RENUA New Political Parties Source: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

The rise and fall of dollop sounds best in a Cork accent – and everyone knows how much a dollop is. It’s also a very scientific measurement.

9. Bluffer

London Olympic Games - Day 5 Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Said with the quintessential cynicism that only a Cork accent can give it.

10. Clown

Maurice Neligan Funeral Scenes Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

“You’re some clown” can be heard on a regular basis from many a Corkonian. The beautiful cadence of cll-oow-nnn makes it the definitive version in all of Ireland.

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