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Everyone is taking the piss out of this ludicrous Cosmo sex story

Why though.

2016 HAS PRESENTED many an awful news story throughout the year.

But last night Cosmopolitan tweeted out a last minute contender for The Worst:


The article is actually from March of this year, but the tweet last night pointing readers to the story has gone viral thanks to its… unique content.

The headline alone is worthy of examination:

Woman’s Husband Likes Her to Leave Fruit in Her Vagina All Day so He Can Eat it Later

And the subheading:

Sometimes carrots too.

Well now.

The reactions overnight have been typically baffled

cosmo Source: Twitter

Like, lads

The details were worthy of many a reaction GIF:

in which he asks her to place a food item (“like apples, pears, carrots, etc…”) in her vagina all day, and then he eats it from her vagina later that evening.

Cosmo, we need to have a chat

cosmo2 Source: Twitter

It’s got to the point where the reactions are gaining hundreds of retweets by themselves

ladsno Source: Twitter

2016, you’ve done it again

cosmo3 Source: Twitter

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