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PHOTO: The best cover letter of all time?

“I am so fast more than train.”

JOB COVER LETTERS are a difficult art.

But we feel confident that this guy has nailed it. He has strong arm lift to wild bear and is so fast. More than train.


This was sent to Reddit user kittyhoho who commented, understandably: "We were all willing to cut our hours to hire this guy."

Here's the full transcript:

To Whom It May Concern:

Resume is something for appeal myself, Let's have a appeal time!

My big reason of come to Canada, Europe, North and South America travel.

So I apply to your shop! I am not a good English user. But when I was in korea, everybody call me     'Ace, you are a best!' at Factory, hotel, farm, restaurant, mart.

Especially, I love always smile working environment, too short time I worked custom service but It is best work in my life and I want to feel again.

By the way, I worked server and kitchen help in the Canada. I am always good when I am working, please feel me.

I have brave fight to wild bear.

I have strong arm to lift wild bear.

I am so fast more than train.

I can work without pay right now! I do not care, when will you pay me. Please pay me after you think I have Qualification for get a pay.

Sincerely, Thank you for your time and consideration.

So, anybody got a job for him?

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