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Guy sells his ancient banger by making a luxury car commercial about it

Inspired and majestic.

FILMMAKER LUKE AKER decided it was finally time to sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima.

So he made this brilliant luxury car commercial all about it:

Ikonik Films

“Luxury defined”.

Aker also posted an ad on Craiglist, where he describes his vehicle as a “land-yacht” and counts out a few of its quirks:

It requires the use of steering fluid that has been designed to leak out from underneath the car when it has been exhausted from the majestic work that it has done, released into the wild when the great Maxima has decided its time has come

It also has “scars to prove that it has indeed been to war and back”. Truly, this is a mighty vehicle indeed.

Sadly, Aker is in Florida, so Irish buyers may be disappointed.

via dailypicksandflicks

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