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So what is @CrimerShow all about?

It’s either the funniest thing on the internet, or it makes no sense.

IF THIS TWEET makes sense to you, you’re probably already following Crimer Show. If not, you’ve probably seen Crimer Show retweeted into your timeline.

So what exactly – pray tell – is Crimer Show?

Here’s the little we know:

  • It’s a Twitter account, the creation of writer/comedian Astonishing Sod.
  • It’s a collection of cop show clichés, brutally deconstructed into their most idiotic forms.
  • It’s written in a kind of mutant hybrid of baby language and LOLcat.
  • Some people think it’s the funniest thing ever. Other people don’t get it at all. (The office is divided, but if there was a vote, ‘funniest thing ever’ would win.)

Basically, it’s the Horatio Cane meme extended mercilessly across every narrative crutch and trope of the modern cop show. With alternative spelling.

Here’s a sample:

Find the rest of Crimer Show here.

So what do you think?

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