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Irish Twitter has been having a glorious debate about what 'crisp sandwich' is as Gaeilge

And now we have an answer.

AH, THE HUMBLE crisp sandwich.

An integral part of modern Irish cuisine:

But, as is often the case with more modern day phrases, there might not be a Gaeilge translation out there.

Step forward @theirishfor Twitter account, run by @Daracho, who lovingly translates and breaks down the Irish language on a daily basis.

He also holds polls where his followers vote to determine what a good Gaeilge translation would be for some newer words.

And last night he took on the crisp sandwich

There were four options for people to choose from:

  • Ceapaire “Tayto”
  • Ceapaire Criospa
  • Ceapaire Ceart
  • Ceapaire Briosc

With the poll lasting 24 hours, it amassed over 1000 votes (people really cared about this particular translation).

And the results came in tonight.

It was neck and neck all the way to the end, but Ceapaire “Tayto” won the day


By the skin of its teeth in fairness. For full disclosure – as the tick shows – we went with Ceapaire Criospa.

Some people thought King should have got fair mention – and it produced this wonderful pun

RI2 Source: @DaDearga

Darach tells DailyEdge.ie that the response to the poll has been crazy:

It’s huge! I think it covers a number of key language points – brand versus product for one, literal translation or reinterpretation of actual meaning as another.
Also, crisp sandwiches are pretty ace.

No argument there.

What would he have gone for himself?

Ceapaire Ceart – a correct sandwich – was my own preference. But I’ll accept the will of the people.

Democracy works.

This isn’t the first time one of his polls has gone viral – last year Spicebag as Gaeilge was decided

mala Source: @theirishfor

Good call.

Modern day phrases getting the full Gaeilge treatment is part of what @theirishfor does best, as Darach explains:

I think a language should reflect the needs and desires of the people who speak it.

Hopefully Ceapaire “Tayto” gets its due recognition in this year’s updates to Tearma. It’s fully deserved.

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